Tintype portrait by Jeff Howlett and Chris Morgan


My name is Justin Gonyea. I'm a graphic designer, printmaker, and producer of DIY art and music events. I'm New England born-and-bred, and I've recently relocated to Seattle, WA. As a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I have 10+ years of branding and design experience. I am currently a graphic designer on the Corporate Design team at The Pokémon Company International in Bellevue, WA.

I love all the minutia of design — typography, color, space, and layout — as well as how to use all those elements to tell a story or show information in a meaningful and successful way. I love those moments where you can create an experience for someone else, solve a problem, bring clarity to a point, or make a connection with someone. These are the moments that drive me to want to be a designer and the moments I truly get excited and passionate about my work.

My freelance work for independent music includes posters, t-shirt design, and album artwork. I'm a cofounder of Get Stoked! Records,
a DIY non-profit record label. I have organized and booked music events in New England for the past 6+ years. 



You can download my resume here